Pika ReTech is a type of child who enjoys mantling and dismantling rather than playing with toys.

The slogan “reinventing the wheel” reflects the way of working and understanding the life for Pika ReTech.

Pika is a curious but at the same time suspicious rabbit. He goes into any kind of holes, searches about anything he finds, he learns and grows curiosity on anything. Perfectly working mechanisms are like a headlight for Pika, he can stay frozen for hours in front of a well-functioning production line; however, he is taken with a kind of unrest when he senses a sort of a malfunction with a mechanism, a tool or a machine, etc.

It is the start of the adventure. Even for an industrial standard that is not even questioned by anyone, Pika cannot stop himself from asking “Is there a better solution?” And starts out to create the technology again in order to find the best solution.

He analyzes all developments from the very first launch of the technology up to the finest details, asks questions, grows suspects to discover any mistakes that technology fell into during the development stage and produces, gets produced, discovers or repairs the same technology in a way that is cleared from its mistakes.

Pika ReTech does not create inventions but, reinvents faulty inventions. He believes in technology for the sake of production rather than of the technology itself.

If a technology creates any other problems while trying to solve an issue or results in some shortfalls or risks, it is time to reinvent that technology. For this, if “reinventing the wheel” is needed; then, it is done.